Bringing Our Gifts

Following Jesus through Full-Hearted Giving

“With all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you.” What a beautiful promise in the marriage vows of the Episcopal Church! Think of it – promising your very self to the one you love. 

We bestow what we love, value, and are grateful for. God gives us everything in love; and asks us to love in return – to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength – and with all our stuff, too. This is how we practice love and gratitude with all that we have been given:  stewardship, discipleship, and tithing.

  • Stewards practice grateful, responsible care of God’s creation and the gifts in our lives.
  • Disciples practice living like Jesus –  seeking and offering God’s blessing for others, giving up ourselves to God’s service, loving our neighbors as much as we love ourselves.
  • Tithing is the practice of giving back to God in thanksgiving from what we earn and are given in our lives. Hebrew Scripture (Numbers 18:26) set a standard of giving a tenth of our earnings. 

We Episcopalians use these words to guide us toward sharing our gifts with our community and the world. This generosity of heart is for the sake of the Gospel. It is an expression of our love for God. How can each of us step into full-hearted giving?


Time is one of our most precious assets, limited to the same 24 hours for everyone. How and where do you give your time? Volunteering with ministries at St. Luke’s is a great gift.


We each have unique talents, some we know well and some we have not fully discovered. How and where do you share your talents? Your gifts and skills can build the body of Christ through the ministries of St. Luke’s.


Our treasures vary widely, depending on our life circumstances. No matter how large or how small (Luke 21:1-4), we bring what we can to God. How and where do you use and give your treasure? Sharing what you are able strengthens St. Luke’s ministry and mission.

Contributing to St. Luke’s

Time & Talent
At St. Luke’s, each person can find events and activities to grow spiritually and truly make a difference. There are also many activities where each can volunteer time and talent to continue the mission and ministry of St. Luke’s. Learn more about our Life Together and our Community Engagement.  Learn more about becoming involved in St. Luke’s ministries.

St. Luke’s ministry and mission continue through our generous offering of regular financial contributions through donations, pledges, and planned giving.

People make donations through offerings during worship services, the donation button below, or by mailing or dropping off donations at the church office. We typically donate to St. Luke’s general operating funds. We also donate to specific ministry efforts, such as clergy discretionary funds to help people in need, special worship funds (for example altar guild or music), community outreach, special spiritual growth programs (for example Camp Cross), or special efforts to improve facilities, programs, and mission efforts.

A pledge is like a promise. Each year, we make a financial pledge to support the mission and ministry of the church with steady giving. This helps St. Luke’s plan and budget clearly for each year. Individual pledging also helps each of us stay on track with our whole-hearted giving. If our financial circumstances change, the pledge can be adjusted. Through annual pledge drives, we are reminded that all things come from God, and with gratitude, we give back a small portion.

Planned Giving
St. Luke’s distributes any undesignated memorial or bequest equally into three funds: a permanent endowment fund (from which only investment revenue can be drawn), a general endowment fund (similar to the permanent endowment but with principal accessible in emergency situations), and an accessible investment fund (for strengthening and expanding St. Luke’s facilities, ministries, and mission).

Learn more about St. Luke’s planned giving here: Planned Giving Brief.
Download the Episcopal Church Foundation Planned Giving Guide.

Would you like to leave St. Luke’s a planned gift? Please fill in and give (or send) this form to the parish administrator to let our Planned Giving Committee know of your plans. Confidentiality will be maintained.